Who are we ?

L’Assiette Nordique is a major player in the seafood arena in Morocco

⇒ Smoking craftsmen

⇒ Artisanal process by traditional standards
⇒ Total capacity of 10T per week

⇒ Whosalers of a variety of Seafood products

⇒ Notably, Moroccan leaders in importation of fresh Salmon from Norway (80%+ of the market, 15T+ imported weekly)

A strong growth momentum since inception in 2009

⇒ +50% p.a. over last 3 years
⇒ Success factors : superior quality, optimized sourcing, extended distribution network

A superior smoked salmon with an accessible price

⇒ Optimized sourcing and logistics
⇒ Mastery of process allowing optimal yield
⇒ Contained HR costs 
⇒ A 40+ dedicated team managed by a tenured senior team